US Government Embraces Pay

Steven Sande, Appleworld.Today:

Among the agencies to accept Apple Pay will be the National Park Service, the United States Postal Service, the Kennedy Space Center (tours and gift shops, rocket rides not included), the Smithsonian Institution museums, and US Customs and Border Protection.

Apple is also working with Visa, MasterCard, Comerica Bank and US Bank to make Apple Pay available for federal payment cards such as DirectExpress and GSA SmartPay cards. This would allow federal employees to use those cards -- in a tokenized, encrypted Apple Pay format -- for purchases as mundane as buying gas for a fleet car.

Can't get much more of a ringing endorsement that Uncle Sam itself.

I was orginally skeptical about Pay's ability to catch on but it's off to a very strong start. I wish it were available here in the UK.