The Loop Magazine: Issue 33


In the latest issue of The Loop Magazine, app developer Mateusz Stawecki of Glide has an extremely well put together piece about emotional insecurity amongst those of us in the "technology community" featuring interview excerpts from five participants: Amy Worrall, Baz Scott, Carola Nitz, Casey Liss, and yours truly.

Honestly, I feel like I very much don't belong amongst four other such talented individuals, to say I'm surprised is a complete understatement – I'm humbled. My thanks to Mateusz for allowing me to be a small part of something on The Loop Magazine, as a fan and subscriber of the magazine it truly is an honour.

Jim Dalrymple, Editor of The Loop:

The Loop Magazine released a new issue today with eight new articles. You can download the app for iPhone and iPad and get a free preview of every article in this month’s issue. You can purchase the issue for $1.99 or get a subscription for just $1.99 per month and get access to all of the issues.

In this issue:

Review: 12-inch MacBook: Jim Dalrymple got his hands on one of the new MacBooks Apple recently introduced and gives you his thoughts, from the Retina display to using the one USB-C port.

Skating To Where The MacBook Is Going To Be: Rene Ritchie takes a look at why the all-new MacBook is ahead of the curve and why competitors will have a hard time catching Apple.

The MacBook: A New Mac Laptop For A New Mac Customer: Peter Cohen tackles the criticism lobbed at the new MacBook and why he thinks they are wrong.

What Entertainment Looks Like In The Cord Cutting Age: Cable TV isn’t gone yet, but Darren Murph imagines what the future of TV will look like.

Behind The Mask: This is a really great piece written by Mateusz Stawecki. He talked to some of the people we hear speaking at conferences and finds out what bothers them about public speaking.

Apple Pay: Technology Done Right: Jim Dalrymple looks at Apple Pay and how the new payment technology is working for developers.

To Live, Or To View? Periscope and Meerkat Are Turning Life Into ‘Show & Tell’: Darren Murph looks at how some new apps have changed we way we share our lives.

My Life with iPad: The iPad recently turned five years old. Jim Dalrymple talks about his love of Apple’s tablet device.