The 2015 Chromebook Pixel

To a large extent the Chromebook Pixel sits in the blindspot of my technological interests. Unless Google changes it's business model I've no intentions of using one of their products by choice and since the Pixel is designed around Google's services it's not something I'm going to take seriously.

But what caught my eye about this year's model is how nice it looks. The same issues are there as before: $999 for a glorfied web browser is probably the harshest charge I could legitmately throw at this thing, but no doubt about it having a nice design. I particularly like the USB-C connectors being on both sides of the device which will allow you to charge the thing from either side.

What I do wonder though is why this device is as thick as it is. In a week where Apple announced the crazy thin 12 inch, fanless MacBook; Google are annoucning a laptop thick enough to still have a regular-sized USB port. Remember this is a device that runs entirely in the cloud and therefore shouldn't need a lot to power it... The Verge have described it "a little heavy". I find that kind of surprising.