Stop Wasting Money On Two-Year Phone Contacts

Joanna Stern makes the case for buying your phone unlocked and having the freedom to switch carriers whenever it best suits you.

This is something I have been preaching for some time now. Every phone I have owned since 2011 I have bought unlocked and while the up-front cost may be significantly more, the SIM-only deals here in the UK are so cheap that over the course of three-and-a-half years I have saved hundreds of pounds.

Carriers only give you a subsidy because they can make more money by spreading the cost and then some over a twenty-four month period. It may seem less painful to you but it's completely insane to agree to it – it's costing you extra cash!

Start saving for your next phone now and buy it unlocked when it's released. Free yourself from your carrier and save a ton of cash in the process.