Popcorn Time Set For Injunction

James Vincent, The Verge:

Popular streaming app Popcorn Time will be blocked in the UK after a successful legal challenge from Hollywood movie studios. The app — which has been dubbed "Netflix for pirates" thanks to its slick and easy-to-use interface — will be banned under the same laws used to target torrent sites like The Pirate Bay.

Looks like copyright holders have their beating steaks out again. Sorry UK, that order of carrots isn't being delivered to the TV and movie studios any time soon.

Torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay have been officially blocked in the UK for a while now, but are still accessible thanks to workarounds such as proxies that re-route internet traffic through other countries. Research from intellectual property firm Incopro even claims that sites blocked by ISPs in this way retain 73 percent of their original traffic and continue to attract users.

In other words, this won't work.

As usual my advice to the studios is to change their fucked-up business model for 2015 so that it isn't designed to piss off their customers and lose them an assload of money as a consequence.