Limiting Technology in the NFL

NBC News:

YouTube has its own half-time show, the FAA went out of its way to point out that drones aren't allowed at the Super Bowl, and Facebook will target ads to people logged in during the big game. The NFL experience is getting pretty high-tech -- for everyone, that is, except players on the sidelines.

Russell Wilson might pick up a tablet on the sidelines in Super Bowl XLIX, but he won't be able to use it to check his email, play "Angry Birds" or take a selfie. It's a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 handicapped to perform one function and one function only: display photographs.

Specifically, photographs of previous drives. It's a function that before this season was fulfilled by binders full of black-and-white photographs. (Microsoft reportedly paid $400 million for the privilege).

Who'd have thought that the NFL would be so much like the enterprise when it came to technology?