John Gruber Interviews Phil Schiller

Chances are that you're already familiar with The Talk Show, John Gruber's long-running podcast featuring a special guest every week. Last week that special guest was none other than Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing: Phil Schiller.

This is an outstanding interview in many ways. Firstly, Apple rarely — if ever — puts it's executives into this kind of situation, this is a unique opportunity. Which brings me to the second outstanding facet: Gruber asks some brilliant questions. Where a general, tech journalist likely would have wasted time on trumped-up controversies like "bendgate" and asked pointless questions about Apple TV and a mythical iCar; Gruber picked his questions with purpose and pertinence. He pushes Schiller on decisions to keep reducing device thickness at the expense of additional battery life and software stability, amongst other things. These are real concerns held by Apple power-users and questions Schiller is inclined to answer, and it's those answers that complete a trifecta of outstanding facets. Schiller's answers reveal a lot, are insightful, and reassuring.

You could do a lot worse than setting aside 70 minutes and watching the interview below.