iOS Usurps Android in the US. But Why?

Click through for all the information at The Loop (too much critical stuff to blockquote) but for me there is one key takeaway here – as markets mature the pedulum swings towards iOS.

The US is the most mature smartphone market and iOS has just become the number one platform there (at least for now) and in the UK – in all likelihood the next most mature market (alongside Canada, Japan and Australia possibly), there was a 6.2% swing to iOS over the past year. More mature markets are tending towards iOS and the reason(s) why could be any number of things, but I personally believe that a large portion of the trend is down to good old-fashioned familiarity.

It's safe to assume that in these mature markets where smartphone penetration is high, that on average people are more familiar with smartphone OS platforms. People have had a chance to try out what's on offer and more and more people are settling on iOS thanks to it's simplicity and quality. I think a lof of first-time smartphone buyers choose Android or Windows Phone as a cheap way to dip their toes in the water, but many of them ultimately end up on iOS over time. The customer retention rates of each OEM are quite telling in this regard.

I can only speak for myself but having tried Android, even putting aside my distate for it's UI design, I still find the customisation offered to be more of a hassle than it's worth in terms of managing everything and the quality of apps to be downright poor. WIndows Phone on the other hand is beautiful, but it's lack of apps leaves it hamstung and seen as it's not 2005 BlackBerry is out of the question.