Google, Yahoo, Facebook, & Apple Show Their True Colours


The top executives of Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc. and Facebook Inc. won’t attend President Barack Obama’s cybersecurity summit on Friday, at a time when relations between the White House and Silicon Valley have frayed over privacy issues.

Facebook Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt all were invited but won’t attend the public conference at Stanford University, according to the companies. Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook is planning to be at the event, where Obama is scheduled to give the keynote speech and have a private lunch with a select group of attendees.

To not attend, to not even sit down at the table to debate, is flat out disrespectful to your consumers and the American public at large. How can you let this opportunity just pass by?

Tim Cook showed up and made a short speech (see below) – it's obvious who cares about securing your data and who doesn't give two hoots. What surprises me is that Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are so brash in their apathy, I assumed they would at least put up a thinly veiled facade of phoney interest.

  • Swipe at the Google/Facebook business model – check
  • Empassioned about protection of user's data – check
  • A personal touch: "people being free to love who they want" – check

Tim Cook at his best. It's obvious how much he cares about this issue and this isn't the first time he's shown it.