Dark Sky Partners With Applied Invention

Adam Grossman, Dark Sky:

Dark Sky the company was born just about exactly three years ago, after our successful Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to the generosity of our backers, we were able to make it to profitability without ever having to take outside investment or give up equity in the company. In the three years since then we’ve grown and expanded, and we’re now serving in excess of 8 million weather forecasts a day to our app, website, and many 3rd party developers. But that growth comes at a price: we’re at the point where Dark Sky can no longer be run solely by two guys who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing or how to run a company.

Read the full piece, because unlike most tech company sales this one looks like it could really benefit the users of the app. It seems like Adam and Jay have found a really good match with their new co-owners.

Dark Sky is one of my all time favourite iOS apps. Clean, crisp, and most importantly insanely accurate. You should look no further for the best weather app for your iPhone, this is it.

Worth noting: if you're of the Android or Windows Phone persusion, or if you want to check the weather on your computer, head to Forecast which is the engine that powers Dark Sky. You can install Forecast as a web app on any mobile device.