Changes Afoot For The Technically Correct Podcast

As you may be aware I have been part of a weekly podcast for over two years now with my pals Simon and Richard. We did re-launch the show around the start of 2015 and since then it has become clear that we need to make a change.

Our lives have become immeasurably busier over the past three months or so. The reasons for this are varied and not particularly interesting but the result of this is that it has made carving out time for recording more difficult, but so far we've kept things together nicely. Recently we've also found ourselves in the situation some weeks where we feel like we haven't had enough interesting topics to discuss. It's been a few factors that has caused this but none of them are a lack of ideas or a lack of desire to keep doing the show, in fact I think we've done some of our best ever work in the past few months alone... but all three of us clearly feel that something needs to change.

So what is that 'something'? Well, we aren't sure if we're being honest, so we're going to try something and see how it goes before re-evaluating. Here's what you need to know:

  • Firstly, there is no episode of the show this week, we will commence with new episodes starting next week and our release day will continue to be Thursday.
  • Nothing is required on your part as a listener. Simply stay subscribed to the show and everything will — largely — continue as normal, with new episodes filling your feed as they're released.
  • Here's the important bit: we're switching to a bi-weekly podcast format. This means we will be releasing one episode every two weeks.
  • There will sometimes be exceptions to this. For example we may decide to record an extra episode for Apple Keynotes or other major news. However, you can expect at least one episode from us every two weeks
  • We're trying this out for three months initially and then we'll take stock and see what we have learned before making a further decision.

Our hope is that this will a) lead to a better quality show on a more regular basis and b) make our lives generally less of a headache when it comes to scheduling recording times and duration. We hope that our listeners will embrace this experiment and bear with us while we decide how we want the show to evolve over the coming weeks and months.

My sincerest thanks for continuing to listen to us, I hope you'll continue to do so starting next week, at the usual time.