Carl Ichan is at it Again

On August 13, 2013, when Apple was trading at just $66.77, we originally notified our twitter followers of our conversations with Tim Cook and of our request that Apple take advantage of its excess liquidity by repurchasing its dramatically undervalued shares. Despite significant share appreciation over a relatively short timeframe to $122 per share, we believe the same opportunity exists for Apple today.

This guy is an asshole.

I agree that Apple's shares are likely to be undervalued. If you compare their P/E ratio with that of similar stocks right now then logic will tell you this is the case. But to ask Apple to step in with another buyback to fill the void in confidence of investors is not in the best interests of the company, it's merely in the best interests of your greed.

Apple already bended to Ichan's will somewhat in 2013 and he's back again demanding more. You cannot reason with this guy, it will never be enough. Far better to just ignore him and if he sells up, fine. Take the hit, move on, and be healthier for it in the long run.