Android Sales Fall For The First Time In History

Charles Arthur, The Overspill:

Android shipments have always increased from quarter to quarter, both for “Google Android” and AOSP, since the platform’s first phone. (Unlike pretty much every other research company, ABI also breaks its Android figures down into “Google Android” – ie Google Mobile Services certified, carrying all Google’s services – and “AOSP” – principally, China.)

You can see the actual figures in more detail below. It's quite an astounding turnaround from what we've been used to for the last 5 or so years, wether this is a one-off anomaly data point or a trend that's set to develop remains to be seen but nonetheless, it's interesting stuff.

Apple also took home 93% of the smartphone market profit last quarter, continuing the trend of achiving relatively modest sales (15-20% of the market) but maintaining a much higher average selling price than everyone to take home virtually all the cash. Samsung took the remainder of the profits in the market and all the other OEMs either broke even or made losses.