Americans: Get To Understand the State of British Politics in Only 5 Minutes

An absolutely marvellous piece by Matt Gemmell. Wether you agree or disagree with Matt's point of view, you can certainly learn a lot by reading his words if you're not overly familiar with British politics.

One paragraph stood out to me above all else:

The UK is a union of five nations: England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland… and London. That’s the political and financial reality. Westminster’s concerns are tied up in only one of those.

I'd like to be able to say that I don't agree with that, but unfortunately I do and for me it's a fact that is getting more and more difficult to deny.

Also catching my eye was this gem:

I think there’s also a strong argument for a parliament of Northern England, in some form.

As a proud and politically active northerner, it warmed by heart to hear someone outside northern England say this. Much like Scotland, northern England's interests are hugely neglected by not just this government, but numerous past-ruling governments.