Who is this guy?


Hi, I'm Mark. I'm a podcaster, photographer, and tech geek hailing from north-east England.

In 2013 I combined my love of podcasts and love of technology with two of my best friends to produce the Technically Correct Podcast. After fifty-four episodes — and a lot of experimenting along the way — we hit the reset button in November 2014 and relaunched the show to mark a switch in style and format. You can listen to us talk every Thursday about technology and the impact it has on our lives and the world around us.

Starting in 2014, not content with actively engaging in just one expensive hobby, I delved into another by finally purchasing some professional camera equipment and honing my skills. You can see my camera-work by clicking on the Photography tab above. I am actively looking to build my portfolio and if you're interested in hiring a budding, young photographer (that you wouldn't have to pay) then drop me an email.

Outside of all this internet and technology nonsense I am an avid sports fan, particularly of Newcastle United Football Club, a bit of a beer geek, a fan of classic cocktails, a follower of American politics and culture, and a shameful TV addict. I also somehow find the time to have a day job, which I'm luckily rather fond of.

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